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  • German Parliament Reforms Renewable Energy Law

    Jul 11, 2014
    Germany’s changes to its renewable energy law passed in the upper house of parliament and is expected to go into effect in August. The law will cut back on renewable energy subsidies, and will change the way the remaining subsidies are funded. Germany has had some of the strongest support for renewable energy of any country, but with this reform, they are rolling that back. The Wall Street Journal explains the rationale...
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  • Washington State Funds Giant Batteries for Renewable Energy

    Jul 09, 2014
    With a 3.2 million grant from the State of Washington, Avista Corp will be testing out utility scale batteries. They received the grant last week. It comes from a $14 million pool of grant money to integrate renewable energy into Washington’s energy grid...
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  • Some Renewable Energy Companies Fail, but That Doesn’t Mean Much

    Jul 08, 2014
    Following the Obama administration’s latest round of loan guarantees for renewable energy projects, Michael Grunwald has an essay in Time analyzing the loan guarantee program, and what it means after the Solyndra collapse...
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  • Hawaii’s Governor Calls for More Geothermal Power

    Jul 03, 2014
    Renewable energy thrives in remote communities, far from widespread power grids and infrastructure. From Hawaii to Alaska to the Caribbean, these distant communities are hungry for new sources of energy. They push the technology forward. And as the technology moves forward, new sources of energy open up new parts of the world to live and work in.
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  • How Affordable is Renewable Energy?

    Jun 26, 2014
    The price of solar power and other renewables is falling. But is renewable energy a good deal for the average ratepayer? A few recent reports from state agencies tried to answer this question.
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  • Nest Opens Up Its Smart Thermostats to Developers

    Jun 25, 2014
    For a “smart grid” company, Nest isn’t all that interested in updating the power grid itself. It’s really something closer to a smart energy use company. The Google-owned company makes small devices for managing a household or officeplace – devices like computerized thermostats, smoke alarms, and as of last week, security cameras. They promise that their thermostats will increase the energy efficiency of a building by carefully scheduling heating and cooling based on your schedule and automatically adjusting your energy use when you’re not home...
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